Photo By Peter Watts
Pumice Lava on Highway 132

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Pumice Lava on Highway 132 - PHOTOGRAPHER COMMENT

This panorama shows the first pumice hills I had come across on Hawaii Island. I was used to seeing a'a and pahoehoe lava, but not pumice. So I stopped to take this panoramic picture. A couple of small towns nearby, like Kapoho, and Kalapana have been buried under fairly recent lava flows. The volcanoes on Hawaii Island are still very much active and as the island becomes more densely populated they become an increasing threat.

Pumice Lava on Highway 132 - FURTHER INFORMATION

Pumice Lava on Highway 132 - Hawaii Island visitor guide showing a virtual tour of 'Pumice Lava on Highway 132' linked to an interactive map with local and travel information. 360° panoramas from Hawaii.

Panorama hills of pumice rock on H132 between the Lava Tree State Monument and the Papaya Orchard in the Puna District of Hawaii Island. The picture shows both the destructive power of falling pumice which can bury entire villages, and the fertility of volcanic soils which explains why people are willing to live in the shadow of this threat.


Follow the I-11 to Kea'au, then the H-130 to Pahoa followed by the 132 towards the Kumukahi Lightouse.

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