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Cerne Abbas Giant Viewpoint

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Cerne Abbas Giant Viewpoint - PHOTOGRAPHER COMMENT

There are always numerous cars parked at the Cerne Abbas Giant parking lot. It is actually quite hard to see the giant from here, especially if it has not been cleaned for a while and the chalk is being overgrown a bit. Clearer in this panoramic picture is the Homer Simpson holding a dough nut which someone had painted in the next field. The best place to see the Cerne Abbas Giant from is the air. You get a much better picture zooming in on the giant in the satellite view of this map. The pin for this image is on the parking lot, the giant is just a little to the east.

Cerne Abbas Giant Viewpoint - FURTHER INFORMATION

Cerne Abbas Giant Viewpoint - Cerne Abbas visitor guide showing a virtual tour of 'Cerne Abbas Giant Viewpoint' linked to an interactive map with local and travel information. 360° panoramas from Dorset.

The Cerne Abbas Giant is one of the most famous landmarks of Dorset in England. The Giant is a chalk carving on a hillside just to the north of the village of Cerne Abbas. It is the largest chalk figure in Britain, and is now a very popular tourist attraction. The giant and land surrounding it was acquired by the National Trust in 1920, who now manage it as a Listed Monument. It is re-chalked every 25 years.

The Cerne Abbas Giant is known as the 'Rude Giant' or 'Rude Man', with the term 'rude' indicating 'naked'. There is no doubt about the gender of the figure, the Cerne Abbas Giant is definitely male. The carving, 55m high and 51m wide, is best viewed from either the air or the hillside on the opposite side of the valley. Most people view the giant from the parking lot at the bottom of the hill, as shown in this panoramic image.

It has not been possible to find solid evidence for the existance of the figure more than 400 years ago. The earliest written rocording of the giant was in 1695 for payment in the Cerne Abbas churchwarden's accounts of three shillings toward the re-cutting of the giant. However, the style of the figure, and proximity to Iron Age earthworks hint at a much earlier origin.

Whilst in the region, visitors should also explore the village of Cerne Abbas, with particular attention to the 14C St Mary's Church and the remains of Cerne Abbas Abbey.


Take the A37 north from Dorchester and then the A352 through Charminster. This road continues Goldmanstone and other small villages to Cerne Abbas. The viewing point for the Cerne Abbas Giant is off the A352 just north of Cerne Abbas itself.

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