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Horsley Towers

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Panorama showing the main lawn and back of Horsley Towers in Horsley Park. This panorama was taken in mid August 2014 as a thunder storm was brewing. It is a popular wedding venue.


Horsley Towers - East Horsley visitor guide showing a virtual tour of 'Horsley Towers' linked to an interactive map with local and travel information. 360° panoramas from Surrey.

Horsley Towers was built in 1820 by William Currie. The main house of the estate, which dated from 1558, used to stand where Horsley Court (the old stables) now stands. William had them moved to higher ground because of his health. The house was built by Charles Barry, who also designed the Houses of Parliament in London. It is designed to resemble a Baravian castle, complete with turrets.

Today the venue is a luxury hotel and popular wedding venue. Inside the building is an ornate chapel built by the Earl Lovelace around 1856 along with the cloisters in memory of his first wife, Augusta Ada Byron, who died in 1852.

The house and chapel are not open to the general public is a this is now a hotel.


Horsley Park
Ockham Rd S,
East Horsley,
KT24 6DT
Phone: 0844 980 2310


Train: Horlsey station, about an hour from central London, and then 478 bus, taxi or 1.3 mile walk.
Road: East Horsley is about 30 miles south of central London, on the A3 and then B2039 roads.

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