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Photo By Peter Watts
Park Walk - Viewpoint

Park Walk - Viewpoint - PHOTOGRAPHER COMMENT

Panorama of the view over the Dorset Hills south of Shaftesbury from Park Walk, near to the ruins of the abbey. This is a popular walk, especially in the summer months with many people taking a leisurely stroll around the abbey walls or simply sitting and watching the distant landscapes. We joined them here for a picnic lunch. As you can see from the cuttings, the lawns were being mowed at the time.

Park Walk - Viewpoint - FURTHER INFORMATION

Park Walk - Viewpoint - Shaftesbury visitor guide showing a virtual tour of 'Park Walk - Viewpoint' linked to an interactive map with local and travel information. 360° panoramas from Dorset.

The Park Walk in Shaftesbury, which runs along the old abbey walls and offers fantastic views over the Dorset hills. It is easy to see why authors such as Thomas Hardy fell in love with the area (he called Shatesbury 'Shaston' in his novels). The slope just beyond the hedge descends to Gold Hill, ending in a buttressed wall. There are narrow gardens that line the south side of the walk, with benches to rest upon and admire the view. To the north is the Gold Hill Museum & Gardens which contains the remains of the ruined abbey.


Shaftesbury is about 20 miles from Salisbury on the A30. It is 12 miles from Blandford Forum and 16 miles from Sherborne on the A30.