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White Pumice Mounds at Mirador de San Jose Lookout

White Pumice Mounds at Mirador de San Jose Lookout - PHOTOGRAPHER COMMENT

Panorama showing a view over the valley on the South Western flank of Pico Tiede volcano on Tenerife. This picture was taken in early April 2017 from the Mirador de San Jose lookout, where the ground is covered with pale yellow pumice stones and gravel, within which are scattered large lava-bomb boulders. As with almost everywhere within the park, the peak of Pico Tiede rises above it all.

White Pumice Mounds at Mirador de San Jose Lookout - FURTHER INFORMATION

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At the Mirador to Dan Jose there are two points of interest. One is the flat pumice field that leads out to a viewpoint over a valley. The other on the other side of the road are the mounds of pumice that lie within a crater, which are the source of all the pumice lying around. This is the first viewpoint within the park for those ascending the volcano from La Orovata (the last for those travelling the other direction).

Mount Teide remains active volcano, the last eruption was from from the El Chinyero vent in 1909. It rises 3,758 m above the sea level, making it the highest peak in Spain and one of the top tourist attractions in Tenerife. Miniquakes were recorded in 2016 but were determined to be of tectonic origin rather than signs that the volcano was waking up again.

Visiting Mount Teide

To get the the park you will can take the local bus (from Puerto de la Cruz and Playa de las Americas), self drive or join a tour . There is good road access to parts of the park, with a number of viewing points and trail heads for those interested in hiking.

Walking Mount Teide:The top of the volcano can be accessed either via the cable car or one of the hiking routs. All the hiking routs are arduous, the most popular one being Refugio de Altavista which takes 4-5 hours. Ascent beyond the top of the cable car to the summit (a further 200m) requires a fee permit permit that must be obtained in advance. Only 200 of these permits are issued for any one day.

Mount Teide Cable Car: The cable car can carry up to 38 passengers on a calm day and takes about 8 minutes to make the ascent. Tickets for the cable car can be brought either online or at the base station. The slots are timed and long queues develop especially on clear days and in the high season. Visitors should note that, due to the low oxygen levels at the top the following are not allowed up the cable car: pushchairs, children under 2, those with heart conditions, pregnant women.


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