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Jardins del Laribal

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Jardins del Laribal - PHOTOGRAPHER COMMENT

The Jardins de Libral are formal planted gardens on the norther slopes of the Muntanya de Montjuic in Barcelona. They are well known for the mature plants and use of various Arabian components throughout. These gardens are a relaxing place to stroll around, well away from the hustle and bustle of more touristed attractions of Barcelona. This panoramic picture of the gardens was taken late in the afternoon, as the sun was descending behind the trees.

Jardins del Laribal - FURTHER INFORMATION

Jardins del Laribal - Barcelona visitor guide showing a virtual tour of 'Jardins del Laribal' linked to an interactive map with local and travel information. 360° panoramas from Catalonia.

The Jardins del Laribal on Muntanya de Montjuïc in used to be part of the estate of a lawyer called Josep Laribal, after whom they are named. They are between the Miró and ethnological museums. The gardens were modernised by the French designer, J.C.N. Forestier, who maintained many of the original plants in the new garden layout. He added elements from Arabian gardens found throughout Spain, using ceramic tiles and ornamental pools with numerous potted plants. An old olive tree still grows near the steps to the gardens itself. This panorama was taken by one of the ornamental pools in the gardens. The gardens are well known for the La Font del Gat, a terraced restaurant overlooking the city and founded in 1884, which can be seen above the pool in this panoramic image.

La Font del Gat Address:
La Font del Gat
Pg. de Santa Madrona, 28. In Montjuïc,

Travel and Getting There:
Funicular Parc Montjuïc/bus 55.

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