The Torrent de Pareis Gorge

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The Torrent de Pareis Gorge - PHOTOGRAPHER COMMENT

This spectacular limestone gorge is possibly Mallorca's greatest natural wonder and certainly my favourite. It stretches for about 4km, passing between 200 meter high walls, in places only a few metres apart, until it reaches the sea at the little beach of Sa Colobra. This photograph was taken at the bottom section of the gorge where it opens up into a large pebbly area where you can stroll around and admire the massive cliffs on either side. Traversing the main gorge from the top downwards is a serious undertaking requiring about 4 hours.

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The Torrent de Pareis Gorge - FURTHER INFORMATION

The Torrent de Pareis Gorge - Mallorca visitor guide showing a virtual tour of 'The Torrent de Pareis Gorge' linked to an interactive map with local and travel information. 360° panoramas from Balearic Islands.

The The Torrent de Pareis Gorge was formed over thousands of years by the abrasive action of water from two major rivers, the Torrent de Gorg Blau and the Torrent de Lluc which meet at an area known as S'Entreforc', meaning 'between the fork'. From here the river continues down through a narrow canyon and over boulders the size of houses, to finally open up and reach the open sea at the little beach of Sa Colobra.

In 2003 the whole area around the gorge was declared a Natural Monument, and it is now heavily protected. It is the home to more than 300 species of flora, and also an endangered toad (Alytes mulentis), exclusive to Mallorca.
If you decide to hike down the gorge from the top then you can park free opposite the restaurant at Escorca at km25.2 on the road C-710. The entrance is in the corner of the car-park by the roadside.

In summer months the authorities now provide a guide at the top who will give you advice and a route map of the gorge, but will not accompany you. He should count you in at the top entrance and also count you out at the bottom. You should start early (10am), and allow at least 4 hours to reach Sa Colobra in order to catch the last bus out at 3pm which will return you to your car at Escorca.

Never attempt the trek in winter, following wet weather, or if rain is likely, due to the possibility of flash floods which can be fatal. Seek information about the gorge from the web beforehand, do not travel alone, preferably go as a group, and take plenty of water. An 8 metre rope would be useful and remember there is no mobile phone signal in the gorge.

Travel and Getting There:
Organised excursions are available from the nearby town of Soller.
You can take the coach from Soller which travels down the famous winding pass with its numerous hairpin bends to reach Sa Colobra. Follow the footpath below the cliffs, through the two man-made tunnels leading to the beach at the bottom of the gorge. From here you can safely explore the wide pebbly area as far as the warning signs at the start of the main gorge. You must then return to the beach and catch the waiting boat back to Soller.

Alternatively, you can travel in the opposite direction starting with the boat excursion from Soller to Sa Colobra, explore the bottom of the gorge, and then return by coach up the winding pass to Soller.

If you have your own transport then take the main C-710 road linking Andratx and Pollensa, turning off at km29 onto the PMV-214-1. Follow the twisting pass down to Sa Colobra, giving way to the many coaches coming up. You must park in the public car-park (only 0.033 euros per minute), from where there is a short walk along the footpath and through the two tunnels to the gorge.

Helena Smith - 29 Sep, 2007 17:13
This place is a geologists dream. Such a terrific panorama that shows so well the fingerprints of the forces of nature at work. Must have been awesome to be there, thanks Malcolm.

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