Photo By Martin Watts
Puerto de Sóller Beach outside Hotel Esplendido

Puerto de Sóller Beach outside Hotel Esplendido - PHOTOGRAPHER COMMENT

The Port of Soller is extremely picturesque. With a narrow opening with a lighthouse, and then an almost perfect circular shoreline, it is one of the most protected and prettiest ports in the Mediterranean. The centre of Soller is being pedestrianised and there is very little traffic now coming through, which has transformed the feeling of the resort. To the North and South are spectacular mountains.

Puerto de Sóller Beach outside Hotel Esplendido - FURTHER INFORMATION

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Puerto de Sóller is on the northwest coast of Mallorca about 5km away from the mountain town of Soller. This panorama shows the Port de Soller beach, which is made of soft, dark sand and pebbles. The picture was taken near the center of the middle of the long beach, which widens out at the ends.

The panoramic image also shows the front of the Hotel Esplendido, which has been freshly refurbished to modern standards. As can be seen from the picture, many of the hotel rooms have spectacular panoramic views over the bay, with mountains either side descending to enclose and protect it.

The 'Orange Line' tram that links Puerto de Soller with Soller itself runs along the road directly in front of the Esplendido Hotel. The tram line is shown in this panoramic image. This road used to be quite busy, but now it is very quiet as the traffic uses the new tunnel bypass which runs through the mountain.


Port de Sóller is about 35km north of Palma on the Ma-11 (Carretera de Palma al Puerto de Sóller). About 5 trains a day that run from Palma to Sóller and from there the local 'Orange Line' tram connects Sóller with the port.


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