Photo By Martin Watts
Sóller Town Square

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This bustling panoramic photograph was taken on a week day in October.


Sóller Town Square - Mallorca visitor guide showing a virtual tour of 'Sóller Town Square' linked to an interactive map with local and travel information. 360° panoramas from Balearic Islands.

Sóller is a pretty town of Mallorca, close to the northwest coast, about 3km from the Port de Soller. Soller lies in a large and fertile bowl-shaped valley surrounded by the Serra de Tramuntana mountains of Mallorca. Unusually for Mallorca towns, Soller has a river running through it.
This valley also contains Fornalutx and Biniaraix. The area is well known for the orange groves and the ancient terraces of olive trees. Just a short distance down the coast is the village of Deià.

This panorama shows the town square of Sóller. In the picture are the main church next to the busy plaza lined with restaurants. A regular tram connects Soller with the Port de Sóller, a ride which takes 10 minutes. The tram can be seen entering the north west corner of the town square in this panoramic image. This is called the 'Orange Express' as it meanders through the orange groves.

For many years Sóller was effectively cut off from the rest of Mallorca and the only access was via windy, narrow mountain roads. Now it has been connected to Palma by a tunnel through the mountains. Because of this, the town retains all the original charm and traditins of rural Mallorca.


Sóller is about 30km north of Palma on the Ma-11 (Carretera de Palma al Puerto de Sóller). There are about 5 trains a day that run from Soller to Palma.

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