Blankenberge (L'Estacade - Blankenberge Pier)

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Blankenberge - Blankenberge visitor guide showing a virtual tour of 'Blankenberge' linked to an interactive map with local and travel information. 360° panoramas from West-Vlaanderen.

On the map of Blankenberge are panoramas showing some of the sights and attractions of this seaside resort. The town has a large numbers of hotels to cater for the seasonal holiday industry.

Blankenberge is a coastal town in the province of West-Vlaanderen (West Flanders) of Belgium a short distance from Brugge. This is a very popular tourist and holiday resort in Belgium, with famous beaches that get very busy in the summer. On the beach is a 350m long pier built in 1933. As well as the beach, people also come here for sailing and water sports. There is a yacht harbour, marina and a casino next to the beach.

Blankenberge holds several annual festivals and events during the year which also encourage the tourist trade. Booking hotels in advance of these events is highly recommended.
* Carnaval Parade
* Two Day Marching event, every first weekend of May
* Klankenberge
* Flower Parade, every last Sunday of August

Aside from the beach, there are numerous other attractions the town which include the Sea Life Center aquarium and underwater tunnel, the Old Town Hall, built in the 17C with stones from a Spanish fortress and the old town church.

Popular hotels include the Best Western Richmond-Thonnon, Hotel Du Commerce, Hotel Malecot and Hotel Avenue.

Travel Directions and Getting There
Blankenberge is 14 km from Brugge on the N371 Blankenbergse Steenweg.

Recent Local Panoramas

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