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Bugge-Markt - Brugge visitor guide showing a virtual tour of 'Bugge-Markt' linked to an interactive map with local and travel information. 360° panoramas from West-Vlaanderen.

This panorama was taken from the Markt (Market Square) of Brugge. The panoramic image shows the important historical buildings of the UNESCO 'World Heritage Site' and shows clearly why Brugge is such a popular tourist destination. In the picture is the famous Halletoren (Belfry) , which is 83m high and contains 47 bells. This stands on the southern side of the square and is a prominent tourist attraction in the city. The tower is too tall to show in the picture, but there is a viewing platform at the top which offers fantastic panoramic views over the surrounding area.

Brugge Markt is lined with numerous cafes and hotels.

Travel Directions and Getting There
Brugge is about 100km from Brussels and 50km from Gent. From Brussels take the A10 (E40) to Brugge. This road passes Gent.

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St. Salvator's cathedral
St. Salvator's cathedral / Brugge
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The Big Cannon called 'Dulle Griet' / Ghent
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Zwijnaarde Kermis / Ghent


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