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Knokke - Knokke visitor guide showing a virtual tour of 'Knokke' linked to an interactive map with local and travel information. 360° panoramas from West-Vlaanderen.

Knokke is on the coast on the west of Belgium, in the province of West Flanders (West-Vlaanderen). It is the most northern seaside resort in Belgium, and is widely considered to be the most exclusive resort in the country where the rich and famous of Belgium come to the luxury hotels and villas around the village, play golf at the nearby Royal Zoute Golf Club and in one of Belgium's 10 Casinos.

Knokke one of a series of towns and villages collectively known as Knokke-Heist. The area is famous for the sandy beaches and the series of dikes that were built to protect the 'Zwin' sea-arm. Knokke moved on from being a small hamlet to become a popular seaside resort with upmarket hotels, some of which are built around the beautiful Zwembad Zegemeer lake. The panoramas show some of the parts of this resort.


Knokke is about 17 km from Brugge. From Brugge take the N374/Noorweegse Kaai followed by the N49/Natiënlaan.

Recent Local Panoramas

St. Salvator's cathedral
St. Salvator's cathedral / Brugge
Groot Vleeshuis
Groot Vleeshuis / Ghent
Augustijnenkaai / Ghent
Sint-Antoniuskaai / Ghent
The Big Cannon called 'Dulle Griet'
The Big Cannon called 'Dulle Griet' / Ghent
The Patershol
The Patershol / Ghent
Liedermeerspark3 / Ghent
Zwijnaarde Kermis
Zwijnaarde Kermis / Ghent


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