Photo By Eric Franckson
Lac de Warfaaz at Sart-lez-Spa

Lac de Warfaaz at Sart-lez-Spa - PHOTOGRAPHER COMMENT

Pris le long de la route qui borde le lac, ce panoramique ne nous montre qu'une partie du lac.

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Lac de Warfaaz at Sart-lez-Spa - FURTHER INFORMATION

Lac de Warfaaz at Sart-lez-Spa - Spa visitor guide showing a virtual tour of 'Lac de Warfaaz at Sart-lez-Spa' linked to an interactive map with local and travel information. 360° panoramas from Liège.

This panorama shows the Lac de Warfa (Warfa Lake) at Sart-lez-Spa, close to Spa. This is a very picturesque part of Belgium known as the Ardennes, where the steep hills are covered in forest and swift running rivers and streams run down into the valleys. The lake is very close to the Royal Golf Club des Fanges. There are numerous classy hotels in the region including the Hotel La Pitchounette, Hotel Lac and Les Croupets.

Travel Directions and Getting There:
Sart-lez-Spa is about 7km from Spa (47km from Liege). From Liege, take the E40 and then the A27/E42 to Spa. Then take the N629 to Sart-lez-Spa.

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