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River Yare - Norwich

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A panorama showing the view along the River Yare from the bridge that links the Prince of Wales Road with the River Yare in Norwich. From here you can see the railway station building, down the river to the east and up into the town. It is the principle route from the station to the town center.

River Yare - Norwich - FURTHER INFORMATION

River Yare - Norwich - Norwich visitor guide showing a virtual tour of 'River Yare - Norwich' linked to an interactive map with local and travel information. 360° panoramas from Norfolk.

The River Yare encircles Norwich form the north, curving round the easter side of the city before continuing on towards Great Yarmouth. In former times the river formed a major trade link between the two cities. Now the river is mostly used for recreational purposes. In recent years, the banks of the River Yare in Norwich have been redeveloped extensively, and are increasingly lined with expensive apartment buildings filled with luxury flats and housing. There have also been new bridges and walkways installed along the river.

This panoramic image shows the view along part of the river from the bridge that crosses it at the end of the Prince of Wales Road, near to Norwich Railway Station.


This bridge links Prince of Wales Road to Riverside Road (A147)

Mr Skoobz - 29 Oct, 2008 23:45
That's the river Wensum, if you follow it south/east it becomes the Yare when they meet.

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