Photo By Martin Watts
Alcanada Hotel President Beach Bar

Alcanada Hotel President Beach Bar - PHOTOGRAPHER COMMENT

The Bar / Patio at Alcanada showing Hotel President. This photograph taken in late October. To the South side of the bar is a sandy beach leading to a rock path with many steps and entrances to the sea. To the North of the bar is a pebbly beach with a walk way to a fine hotel bar.

At the beginning of the season the sandy beach is replenished and extended. This little bay area is a oasis of calm in the afternoon and evenings, which has good snorkeling and swimming.

Alcanada Hotel President Beach Bar - FURTHER INFORMATION

Alcanada Hotel President Beach Bar - Mallorca visitor guide showing a virtual tour of 'Alcanada Hotel President Beach Bar' linked to an interactive map with local and travel information. 360° panoramas from Balearic Islands.

Alcanda lies just to the east of Alcúdia, on the northeastern coast of Mallorca. This panorama was taken from the terrace of the Hotel President Beach Bar and shows the view over Alcúdia Bay.


From Palma take the Ma-13 and Ma-13A north past Inca towards Alcúdia. On nearing Alcúdia take the MA-3460 past Alcúdia Port and then take the PM-225 to Alcanada.

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