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Copenhagen (Søndermarken)

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Copenhagen - Copenhagen visitor guide showing a virtual tour of 'Copenhagen' linked to an interactive map with local and travel information. 360° panoramas from Hovedstaden.

This Copenhagen map shows 360° panoramas of the sights, attractions and places of interest from Copenhagen. On the map of Copenhagen are markers showing the locations of each 360° panorama taken around the city. Each panoramic image or picture is accompanied by some local and travel information. This collection of panoramas provides a growing virtual tour of Copenhagen.

The panoramas displayed here are contributed by different people, who retain the copyright to their photographs. The Copenhagen map used is a Google map, it can be viewed either as a street map of Copenhagen, or changed to show highly detailed satellite images of the city. A hybrid version overlays the road map of Copenhagen onto the satellite image.

A full list of the panoramas linked to this Copenhagen map is given on the Copenhagen Panorama Index. In the description about Copenhagen below are links to panoramas of some of the most famous sights, museums and parks
For Webmasters: It is possible to use this whole virtual tour in your own site for free. Please see the Use a Tour page for more information on how to use the Copenhagen map in your own site. Each panorama shown here can be linked to individually. To do so select the link from the 'permalink' chain link icon in the title bar of the photograph of interest.

About Copenhagen

Copenhagen is the capital city of Denmark. The Danish for Copenhagen is 'København'.

Recent Local Panoramas

The Cathedral Church of the Royal Family, Roskilde, Denmark
The Cathedral Church of the Royal Family, Roskilde, Denmark / Copenhagen
Ferry On the way to Trelleborg
Ferry On the way to Trelleborg / Trelleborg
Amalienborg Palace Square
Amalienborg Palace Square / Copenhagen


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