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Jardins des Halles

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Panorama taken from the Jardins des Halles, the gardens that are next to the Forum shopping area. This panoramic image shows the front of the massive Ste Eustache church on the northern end of the square. Some of the layout of the gardens are also shown, with grassed areas, a stepped arena and fountains.

Jardins des Halles - FURTHER INFORMATION

Jardins des Halles - Paris visitor guide showing a virtual tour of 'Jardins des Halles' linked to an interactive map with local and travel information. 360° panoramas from Paris.

The Jardins des Halles in Paris contain various grassed and planted areas next to the Forum. The dominant building in the panorama is the Ste-Eustache church which lies at the northern edge of the Jardins des Halles. To the left of this in the picture is the circular Bourse du Commerce building. The Forum shopping mall lies to the east. The Jardinis des Halles also contains numerous play areas for children and several cafes. It is a popular recreational space right in the middle of Paris. At teh east end are several glass pyramids, reminiscent of the Pyramide of the Louvre musem. The pyramids in the Jardins des Halles house tropical plants and are open to the public.


Metro: Les Halles (line 4)
RER : Les Halles (lines A, B, D)

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