Photo By Peter Watts
Bathurst Lighthouse

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Bathurst Lighthouse - PHOTOGRAPHER COMMENT

A thunderstorm had been brewing for the whole day. In the afternoon the storm finally erupted over Perth. This panorama was taken from Bathurst Lighthouse looking over the water to Perth, which is obscured by rain pouring from the dark band of cloud stretching over the sea. It is more a panorama of storm clouds at sea than anything else.

Bathurst Lighthouse - FURTHER INFORMATION

Bathurst Lighthouse - Rottnest Island visitor guide showing a virtual tour of 'Bathurst Lighthouse' linked to an interactive map with local and travel information. 360° panoramas from Western Australia.

Bathurst Lighthouse is one of two lighthouses on Rottnest Island. It performs a secondary function to the Main Rottnest Island Light, guiding vessels entering or leaving the Port of Fremantle round the reefs. It was built in response to a number of wrecks in the area which culminated with the sinking of the 'City of York' in 1899.

The Bathurt Lighthouse was built from local limestone in 1900 and painted white. It is 19.2 metres high, standing on a base 10m above sea level. The light can be seen for 14 nautical miles (24 kilometres). Originally the lighthouse had a fixed acetylene open flame light source. It was converted into an electric lamp in 1986.


The lighthouse is about 1km walk from the ferry jetty at Thomson Bay.

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