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Thomson Bay

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Panorama taken from the walkway to the jetty on the beach of Thomson Bay. The image shows the view over the bay from the beach, with a number of small boats moored within the bay. The main landing pier for the Rottnest ferries is right of the beach. Just off the shore left of the beach is Mushroom rock.


Thomson Bay - Rottnest Island visitor guide showing a virtual tour of 'Thomson Bay' linked to an interactive map with local and travel information. 360° panoramas from Western Australia.

Thomson Bay is the landing point on Rottnest Island for ferries from Perth and Freemantle Harbour. The Rottnest Island visitor centre and tourist information office is close to the landing point for the ferries. The only shops on the island are found here, so this is the final opportunity for people visiting the island to stock up on drink and food. A lot of the holiday accommodation and hotels on the island are also found here.

There is a single bus route which travels clockwise round Rottnest Island that terminates at Thomson Bay. Day passes for the bus are available from the tourist information office. One of the best ways to explore Rottnest is to hire a bike, which can be done at Thomson Bay.

Thomson Bay is close to several popular destinations on the island, being within walking distance of Longreach Bay, Pinky Beach and The Basin. The Bathurst Lighthouse is also nearby at the eastern end of Pinky Beach.


By boat from either Perth or Freemantle Harbour.

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