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Windy Rock Point

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Panorama showing the view over Lyttelton Harbour from Windy Rock Point viewpoint on Road Sumner near Lyttelton. This viewpoint can be very windy, but on a clear day offers fantastic panoramic views of the harbour, Banks Peninsula and the Port Hills, showing why the location rapidly established itself as the prime port of South Island. The open ocean lies to the left of the viewpoint, while the rest of the inlet extends right, deep into the Banks Peninsula.


Windy Rock Point - Banks Peninsula visitor guide showing a virtual tour of 'Windy Rock Point' linked to an interactive map with local and travel information. 360° panoramas from Canterbury.

Windy Rock Point is a short distance east of Lyttelton in New Zealand, on Sumner Road as it ascends Port Hills back to Christchurch. This point is aptly named, for conditions here are often very windy, and the point offers some of the best panoramic views over Lyttelton Harbour and the Banks Peninsula. A board here shows the main features of the peninsula and some of the coves and towns that can be seen from here. Directly below Windy Rock Point is Cashin Quay. Continuing up Sumner Road takes the scenic route back to Christchurch over Port Hills.

Lyttelton Harbour used to be known as Port Cooper. It was the first landing place on the South Island of New Zealand for settlers, the deep inlet providing excellent shelter for shipping. Though surrounded by high Port Hills, Lyttelton quickly established itself as the principle port of South Island. A railway tunnel linking Lyttelton with Christchurch opened in 1867 further establishing the port's importance. The ascent up Sumner Road past Windy Rock Point used to be the only way over Port Hills to Christchurch until Tunnel Road opened up in 1964. This new tunnel runs above the railway line and, at 1.9km, is the longest road tunnel in New Zealand.

Panoramic views over the harbour are also possible from the top of the Lyttleton Timeball Station and on Park Terrace heading west out of Lyttelton to Coarsair Bay and Governors Bay.


From Christchurch, take the 73 and then the 74 south along Tunnel Road. At the southern end of the tunnel turn left into Lyttelton and continue through the town to Sumner Road. This road continues over Port Hills to rejoin the 74 near St Andrews Hill.
Bus: #28 and #35 buses to Lyttelton from Christchurch Bus Exchange.

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