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Perth Map - Perth visitor guide showing a virtual tour of 'Perth Map' linked to an interactive map with local and travel information. 360° panoramas from Western Australia.

Welcome to Perth, the capital city of Western Australia. On this interactive map of Perth are pins which show the location of various sights, attractions and places of interest around the city. Each one has a 360° panorama taken at the location, and each is provided with some local and travel information. These panoramic images and pictures provide an informative tour of Perth which will allow you to explore the city. The tour will continue to grow as more panoramas are added to Perth in the future. As the tour uses a Google map of Perth, you can zoom in/out and switch from map to satellite view of the city at the click of a button.

Perth - City Attractions, Museums and Places of Interest

The Cultural Center includes the Art Gallery, the W.A. Museum and Library. Catch a recital at the Concert Halls, home of the W.A. Orchestra. For kids of all ages there's fun learning at the Fire Safety and Education Museum including exhibits of vintage fire engines. Stroll meditatively around the Supreme Court and its tranquil Courthouse Gardens or listen to the melodic chimes at the Swan Bells Tower on the Esplanade riverbank walkway. If you're feeling lucky, you could strike gold at the Perth Mint Museum and feel very rich as you hold the 400lb bar of solid pure gold. Then hit the boutique shops along the London Court Shopping Arcade and splash out on designer goods. And at the end of your busy week, receive a warm welcome from the congregations of St George's Cathedral and St Mary's Cathedral, two of Perth's largest churches, if you choose to spend reflective time on a quiet Sunday.

Perth's Great Outdoors

Parkland and nature reserves in the heart of Perth city bring balance to the busyness of the Central Business District. Wetland Park and Langley Park line the northern shore of the Swan River. Just along the riverbank from these two parks is the nature reserve on Heirisson Island, a small island underneath the Causeway road bridge. The serenity of Queens Gardens, enclosed by wrought iron fences and filled with Lily ponds, is especially cherished by Perth folks.

Perth has some of the finest award-winning beaches in Western Australia. Cottesloe Beach is a favourite with locals, only 15 mins from the city center. City beach is sheltered and well facilitated. Fremantle Beach to the south is one of several small beaches popular with residents. Further north, the Sunset Coast line is renowned and a must-see if staying in Perth.


Fremantle - the playground of W.A. is a famous holiday destination since rocketing to prominence for hosting the 1987 America's Cup round the world yacht race. World class accommodation, luxury boutique shopping, the finest haute cuisine and seafood and the easy-going Cappuccino Strip cafe district, this marina town is also a weekend haven for Perth residents who enjoy the great outdoors Aussie style!

Rottnest Island

Rottnest Island is a 30 min ferry trip from Fremantle to this island nature reserve with panoramic views, fine sandy beaches and rare species of wildlife, birds and plants. Cape Vlamingh in the western tip of the island, Eagle Bay, Geordie Bay, The Basin near Bathurst Lighthouse and the awesome Pinky Beach are some of the coves, bays and beaches around this beautiful island. Explore this island to add an unforgettable day out to your travel experience in Western Australia.

Recent Local Panoramas

Stormclouds over Pinky Beach
Stormclouds over Pinky Beach / Rottnest Island
Pinky Beach
Pinky Beach / Rottnest Island
Bathurst Lighthouse
Bathurst Lighthouse / Rottnest Island
Fremantle Traffic Bridge November 20, 2011
Fremantle Traffic Bridge November 20, 2011 / Perth
Welcome to Fremantle Port
Welcome to Fremantle Port / Perth
Rottnest Island Ferry Leaving Fremantle
Rottnest Island Ferry Leaving Fremantle / Perth
Fremantle Esplanade
Fremantle Esplanade / Perth
Rottnest Ferry Quay at Fremantle
Rottnest Ferry Quay at Fremantle / Perth


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