Photo By Peter Watts
Queens Gardens

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Panorama showing the west end of the Queens Gardens in Perth. The picture shows the Peter Pan statue that is in the gardens, and one of the numerous ponds. It is a very relaxing place to be, a bit of a way from Central Perth's CBD, and so quieter. The tall lights are for the Perth cricket stadium next to the park.


Queens Gardens - Perth visitor guide showing a virtual tour of 'Queens Gardens' linked to an interactive map with local and travel information. 360° panoramas from Western Australia.

Panorama taken in Queens Gardens in Perth. A beautifully cultivated and serene garden on the outskirts of the city, this park includes a large gazebo, several water-lily filled ornamental lakes, weeping-willow trees, bridges and a beautiful array of flower beds, especially if you visit in Spring.

A focal point in the garden is a statue of Peter Pan, a replica of the original standing in Kensington Gardens near to the Albert Memorial in London. Named by Mayor Alexander Forrest in 1899, these Gardens were designed to be reminiscent of the private gardens belonging to the older townhouses in London.

Self contained within a wrought iron fence, the quiet tranquility of these gardens seem far removed from the surrounding city. Facilities in the garden include public toilets, seating and a drinking water fountain.


On the corner of Nelson Crescent and Plain Street, East Perth


Nelson Crescent & Plain Street corner,
LA 6000 Australia

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