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This panorama was taken by the lake in Karlsplatz, in Vienna. Karlsplatz is, as shown in this image, dominated by the Baroque Karlskirche. Visitors and locals relax around the lake's edge and it is not uncommon to see dogs playing in the water.


Karlsplatz - Vienna visitor guide showing a virtual tour of 'Karlsplatz' linked to an interactive map with local and travel information. 360° panoramas from Wien.

Karlsplatz in the Belvedere quarter of Vienna is named after the large Baroque church, the Karlskirche, situated at the southern end of the square. In front of the church is a large pond containing the statue of Hill Arches presented to the City of Vienna by the sculpture Henry Moore in 1978.

Further back from the Karlskirche, Karlsplatz contains gardens with statues and a café. This includes the Resselpark, named after Josef Ressel, a Czech inventor who developed the screw propeller 10 years before John Ericson, but prevented by the Habsburg authoritories from working on it. A statue Josef Madersperger is also in Resselpark. He invented the sewing machine in 1815, but died penniless as no one could be found to market it. A number of important buildings line the square.

Karlskirche: For more information about Karlskirche please see the Karlskirche panoramic image.

Historical Museum of the History of Vienna: The museum stands to the left of the church, moving here in 1959. The museum contains items from Roman and pre-Roman times as well as 14C and 15C gothic gargoyles and other figures on the ground floor. Also within the museum are stained glass from Stephensdom.

The first floor exhibits follow the theme of the Turkish sieges from 1529 onwards, including captured weapons, banners and a portrait of the Turkish commander Kara Mustafa. The original plans for the Schönbrunn Palace by Johann Bernhard Fisher von Erlach are also here along with the original lantern from No.6 Shönlaterngasse.

Karlsplatz Pavilions: The exit points for the U-Bhan on Karlsplatz, these pavilions were designed by Otto Wagner, the engineer responsible for much of the 19C underground system. The green copper colour of the roof and ornamentation compliment Karlskirche on the opposite end of the square. The pavilions are clad in white marble on which a repeated gilt pattern of Wagner's sunflowers has been stamped. The two pavilions face each other, one is now a café and the other used as an exhibition space.


U-Bhan : (U1, U2, U4) Karlsplatz
Tram / Bus : 4A, D, J

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