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This panorama shows part of the center of Fremantle, famous for outdoor dining, cafes, bars, shopping and the ferries to Rottnest Island.


Fremantle - Perth visitor guide showing a virtual tour of 'Fremantle' linked to an interactive map with local and travel information. 360° panoramas from Western Australia.

Panorama showing the center of Fremantle, a busy port town near to Perth in Western Australia.

One of Fremantle's heritage landmarks is the 31m high clock tower above the Town Hall. The black tip of the spire can be seen here along the street at St John's Square. The Town Hall and the Round House gaol are the best known of the many historic buildings throughout the city. Since the bicentennial celebrations in the 1980s' they have been restored and preserved as museums and visitor attractions to ensure that the heritage of Fremantle as a city built by convict labour in a harsh and hostile environment is honoured.

Twice in history Fremantle has owed its development to the sea. Originally it began as the first founding port in Western Australia, a harbour for the new Swan River Colony. Fremantle was rebirthed into a new identity after a native entrant won the "America's Cup" in 1983. Winning the famous "around the world yacht race" came with the honour of hosting this most prestigious event in 1987 - hence Fremantle benefited from huge investment to quickly rejuvenate the low-key industrial town into a world class visitor center in time for the eyes of the world to be impressed!

Today Fremantle is a laid-back weekend playground and the destination of choice for Western Australia. Residents of Perth leisurely sail down the Swan River from the Barrack Street Jetty ferry terminal in the heart of Perth's central business district to enjoy the Fremantle ambiance, sightseeing, entertainment and the fine dining Fremantle is now famous for.

The Cappuccino Strip is so called for its abundant choice of outdoor and indoor dining, cafes and restaurants catering to all tastes and budgets. Particularly of note for those desiring Asian or Italian cuisine or the freshest Seafood typically straight of the boats in the Fishing Boat Harbour which is often compared to Fishermans Wharf in San Francisco, USA. Dining along the Quayside offers outstanding seafood matched with relaxing views, an ideal evening out after a long day wandering around the airy and contemporary shopping arcades which nestle in amongst the historic early 19th century old town buildings giving the downtown area a charming atmosphere yet in a modern city.

The river cruises around the Swan River estuary between Perth and Fremantle are popular for short trips, but for a truly unforgettable day out, take a trip to Rottnest Island. A short hop by ferry takes you to this nature reserve 19Km off the coast. Famous for its beaches and panoramic viewpoints, and the many indigenous species of plants, wildlife and birds that thrive in this unspoilt and idyllic environment. Not to be missed are the Quokkas, the endearingly cute but endangered marsupials are beloved by visitors of all ages.

Fremantle is blessed with several excellent beaches including Bathers Beach, South Beach, Port Beach, Leighton Beach and Sandtrax. Cottesloe Beach is a few Km's north towards Perth and is often the preferred beach for locals with its easy-going atmosphere, great surf and safe bathing areas.


19Km or 12 miles southwest of Perth, Fremantle is connected with Transperth Buses and CAT system, has trams running throughout the city, connects interstate via the Indian Pacific service to Sydney and is served by the International Airport at Perth.

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