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In der Burg, Hofburg Palace

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In der Burg, Hofburg Palace - FURTHER INFORMATION

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In der Burg is the largest enclosed squares of the Hofburg Palace complex. The square is surrounded by Baroque buildings with an oversized statue of Emperor Franz in the center. The square is surrounded by buildings of the Alte Burg (Old Burg) complex.

North Side:
The passageway to the north leads to Michaeler Tor (Michael's gate), a domed gateway to Michaeler Platz (St. Michael's Square) and where you buy tickets to the various exhibitions.

The building on the north side of the square used to contain the Reichskanzleitrakt (Chancellery Wing). It now houses the Kaiserappartments of Franz-Josef and the Sissi Museum. The Sisi Museum is the more exciting part of the building, celebrating the life (and myth) of Empress Elisabeth (or Sissi as she was affectionately known) who lived a lonely life and was assassinated by a mad man looking for someone famous to kill in Italy in 1898. After passing through various rooms of Franz-Joseph, the Kaiserappartments lead into the Amalienburg.

West Side:
Amalienburg lines the west side of In der Burg. These apartments contain the Empress's Living Room, Bed Room and Dressing and Exercise Room. Franz-Joseph had to ring a bell in order to enter these apartments of his wife, who considered the Hofburg to be more than a prison than a palace and spent as much time as possible away from it. The Amalienburg also contains Alexander's Apartments and a laid out Imperial dining hall. On the ground floor is the Silberkammer (Imperial Silver Collection), the star exhibit here being a huge Milanese table centerpiece in guilded bronze from the late 18C. This piece stretches for more than 30m along a table covered with statuettes, bronzes and crystal.

South Side:
The south side is lined with the Leopoldischinertrakt (Loepold Wing). These were built by Leopold I and later occupied by Empress Maria Theresia. It is now part of the official presidential residences and closed to the public. An arch between Leopoldischinertrakt and Alte Burg leads south from In der Burg to Neu Burg and Heldenplatz.

East Side:
The east side contains the Schweizertor (Swiss Gate) which leads off to the Schweizerhof (Swiss Courtyard). These are so named after the Swiss mercenaries employed by Maria Theresia to guard it. Beside the Schweizertor is a small section of the old moat and drawbridge mechanism. Within the Schweizerhof are entrances to both Alte Burg and Schatzkammer.

The Schatzkammer contains the finest medieval jewelry in Europe, the Habsburg Crown Jewels, relics of the Holy Roman Empire and other imperial regalia. Highlights of the exhibits here include the Crown of Rudolf II, made of gold and studied with gems. There is also the Cradle of the King of Rome, the son of Napoleon, a silver gilt cradle made in 1811. The Geistliche Schatzkammer (Sacred Treasury) rooms contain be-jeweled ecclesiastical robes, goblets and other regalia. This area also contains the crown jewels of the Holy Roman Empire. The last rooms of the Schatzkammer contain the Burgundian Treasures, a dowry that came into the hands of the Habsburgs when Emperor Maximilian I married the only daughter and heiress of the the Duke of Burgundy.

Monument to Franz I:
This monument in the center of In der Burg was made by Pompeo Marchesi between 1842-46. The Emperor is wearing a Roman toga for as well as being the first Austrian Emperor and known as Franz I from 1804, he was, up to 1806, also the last Holy Roman Emperor, known as Franz II. The emperor is surrounded by four statues of Peace, Might, Faith & Justice.

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