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I took this photo at lunchtime in the Piazza Comunale in the centre of Poschiavo, in the Swiss canton of Graubünden.
This laid-back little town with its Italianate archictecture, lies on the route of the famous Bernina Express from Chur to Tirano, which lies just 20 minutes further on over the Italian border. I had come on a day trip from Chur and had just enough time to explore the town and take a few photos before returning on the next train.
Situated on opposite sides of this square are the 15th century Catholic church Chiesa San Vittore, and the 17th century Protestant church Chiesa di Sant'Ignazio.

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Panorama taken in the Piazza Comunale (or town square) in Poschiavo, a town in the Italian-speaking Bernina district in the south-east Swiss canton of Graubünden near to the Italian border. The square is full of interesting buildings.

At one end stands San Vittore Mauro Church. Records for this Catholic church date back to 824AD when it belonged to the Saint Denis Monastery in Paris. Some archives suggest that a church stood here long before that date. The Roman Bell Tower dates from the 13th Century and it's Baroque style entrance is wooden and probably 17th Century given that the alter was also carved from wood around this time. The 20thC saw all the Baroque features removed and, as is common in European history, changed to reflect the Neo-Gothic architectural fashions of the day. The pulpit was removed and placed in the Santa Maria Church. The Gothic windows removed and stored in a vault in the Swiss National Museum in Zurich.

On the opposite side of the square is the Casa Console Art Museum, which houses an impressive collection of 19th-century paintings by artists like Carl Spitzweg, Franz von Lenbach and Ferdinand Hodler. It has a pink exterior paintwork and a small balcony on the first floor above the main doorway. It, like the other Patrizier houses surrounding the square follow the Neo-Gothic and Neo-Classic styling of the late 18th and early 19th centuries.

To the right of the Casa Console are white canopies belonging to the Palazzo Albrici hotel. Between the two is the Torre Comunale. Next to the Torre Comunale is a curious wrought-iron window which is highly ornate and unique, part of the Oratorio Sant'Anna, a "bone-house" thought to be as old as the San Vittore Mauro church and holding the skulls recovered from the graveyard during renovations.

Next is the main town hall, known as either Casa Comunale or Casa Torre. The square also has a bank in the former post office building.

Just off the square is the Chiesa Evangelica Di'Sant'Ignazio - a 16thC protestant church with a splendid tower. The Chiesa Santa Maria Assunta is nearby and considered one of the most beautiful Baroque churches in all of Switzerland.

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