Steingletscher Glacier

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Steingletscher Glacier - PHOTOGRAPHER COMMENT

This is the Steingletscher ('Stone Glacier') viewed from the Susten Pass in the Canton of Bern, and photographed in mid-summer 2007. The ice has retreated approximately 1km in the last 150 years and enlarging the the Google map satellite view above will show the ice reaching as far as the Lake Steinsee at the southern end of the lake, although that was possibly photographed during a colder spell.

Steingletscher Glacier - FURTHER INFORMATION

Steingletscher Glacier - Susten Pass visitor guide showing a virtual tour of 'Steingletscher Glacier' linked to an interactive map with local and travel information. 360° panoramas from Bern.

Panorama of the Steingletscher Glacier as seen from the Susten Pass. The Glacier covers an area of 8 square Km and is roughly 4.3 Km in length. It begins at its highest point between the mountains of Gwächtenhorn and Susten Horn. It flows north past Little Susten Horn and Sustenspitzes and then on past Steinsee.

As the glacier melts slowly, water runs off from the glacier's foot and feeds into the river Aare as it flows towards Innertkirchen. The glacier has formed into several smaller tongues as it creeps through the valleys between other mountains but this point on the Susten Pass shows the end of it's main section. In the summertime, small glacial lakes are created as run-off water forms into pools.

Unlike many others, this glacier does not have recorded information available indicating any access points for walkers or skiers who may wish to use its snow fields. However it does make for a splendid view for those traveling through this area via the Susten Pass.


The co-ordinates for this glacier are:
Latitude (DMS): 46° 43' 60 N
Longitude (DMS): 8° 26' 60 E


The Susten Pass is by Highway 11 which runs from Innertkirchen and Gadmen in the west through to Wassen in the west. There the highway joins the major autobahn number 2 and road E35.

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