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Hoover Dam


This panorama was taken from the Arizona side of the Hoover Dam, and looks down the Colorado River at the base of the dam, where the power station is. In the picture you can see the river flowing away from the dam to the south-west. Two of the 4 water intake towers stands to the east in Arizona, just behind the white car on the Hoover Dam road. On the far side of the dam is the circular visitor center, which stands in Nevada. Behind the dam you can see part of Lake Mead, the highest level of the lake is the top of the bleached white rock band on the cliffs of the Black Canyon. The spans down river extending from the tops of the cliffs are the new Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge being built. You can just make out the Arizona branch of this on the satellite view of the Hoover Dam on the Google map.


Hoover Dam - Hoover Dam visitor guide showing a virtual tour of 'Hoover Dam' linked to an interactive map with local and travel information. 360° panoramas from Arizona.

The Hoover Dam straddles the Colorado River between Nevada and Arizona. It has become an icon of the modern era, and is now a very popular tourist attraction, close to Las Vegas. The nearest town is Boulder City in Nevada. The one car park on the Nevada side is ticketed and is next to the Hoover Dam Visitor Center, and the restaurants. There are numerous free car parks on the approach to the dam from the Arizona side.

Other panoramas from the Hoover Dam include:

Construction of the Hoover Dam started in 1931 and completed in 1935. At that time it was largest hydroelectric dam and largest concrete structure in the world. An icon of the modern era it continues to function 70 years on and has become a major tourist attraction. It is named after Herbert Hoover, who played an important role in it's construction as both Secretary of Commerce and then later as President of the United States. The massive man-made reservoir lake created behind the dam is called Lake Mead, after Elwood Mead, who oversaw the construction of the dam. The concrete used to make the dam is still curing and gaining strength today.

Inside the power plant are 17 turbines that generate up to 2,074 megawatts of hydroelectric power.


Hoover Dam
c/o DOI Bureau of Reclamation, Visitor Services, Box 60400
Boulder City, NV 89006-0400
United States


Road: The Hoover Dam is 8 miles from Boulder City about 30 miles Southeast of Las Vegas on the I-93. Approach to the dam is slow due to both security checks and a speed limit of 15 mph across the dam itself.
Flight: Boulder City Municipal Airport, McCarran International Airport (Las Vegas).


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