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Nhill, Wimmera, Victoria, Australia

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Nhill, Wimmera, Victoria, Australia - PHOTOGRAPHER COMMENT

Buildings along Western Highway in Nhill, Wimmera, Victoria, Australia

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Nhill is an important town in the Wimmera wheatbelt, about half way between Adelaide and Melbourne and 40km west of Dimboola . In the middle of this town of 2500 people is probably the largest wheat silo in the southern hemisphere. Alongside the massive wheat silo, the town has an equally large meridian running down the main road, so wide that it has effectively been turned into a park (Goldsworthy Park). This panorama shows Goldsworthy Park.

Today tourism plays an increasingly important part of the local economy, and a number of hotels and hostels have sprung up to serve visitors. Being about half way (some 350km) from both Adelaide and Melbourne, Nhill makes a good point to break the journey, as well as being a good base from which to explore the surrounding area.

The tourist information center in Nhill is found in Goldsworthy Park, the meridian of the main street. The park also contains well planted and maintained areas as well as electric barbecues. Among the other highlights of Nhill are Nhill Lake, which, when full, provides boating and bird watching with a pleasant broadwalk. On the western edge of the town is Shaw Nelson Park which contains the John Shaw Neilson National Memorial Cottage and there is a small local museum giving the history of the are on McPherson Street.

Other attractions near to Nhill worthy of note are the Hermans Hill Tourist Walk to the north east of the town and the Mallee Dam some 13 km to the west. The Nhill Information Centre is the best place of contact for information about these.

South of Nhill is the Little Desert National Park, the second largest national park in Victoria, though as it receives some 400mm of rain annually, it is not a true desert. First established as a reserve in 1955 to protect local wildlife, the area was declared a national park in 1968. The most accessible part of the park is the Eastern Block, which contains a camp ground.

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