Photo By Peter Watts
Atlatl Rock


A panorama taken from the viewing platform part way up Atlatl Rock. Atlatl rock is interesting for the petroglyphs on the rock surface, some of which can be made out in this panoramic image. This is quite high up the rock surface, as can be seen from the sizes of the people and cars on the valley floor far below. One wonders how the artists first got up here and why they chose this particular rock to put the glyphs on.


Atlatl Rock - Valley of Fire State Park visitor guide showing a virtual tour of 'Atlatl Rock' linked to an interactive map with local and travel information. 360° panoramas from Nevada.

Atlalt Rock is in the western end of the Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada, close to the park's western entrance and the Beehives formations.

There is a large car park and picnic area at Atlatl rock, and it is an important site for the petroglyphs found there. More petroglyphs within the park can be found at Petroglyph Canyon, on the road from the Visitor Center to White Domes. An information board at Atlatl explains:

An atlatl is a throwing stick or a dart thrower used by ancient tribes to give more force to their darts or spears. It was usually a wooden stick about 2 feet long with a handhold on one end and a hook on the other end. A slot cut in the tail end of the dart was set against the hook allowing the dart to lie along the atlatl so that both could be grasped midway of the dart by the user.

These petroglyphes were made by ancient tribes. Respect their antiquity. Help preserve them.


Road: Take the I-15 north from Las Vegas for about 30 miles and then take exit 75 for NV-169 E toward Valley of Fire/Lake Mead.


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