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Grandview Point

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Taken in the late afternoon, this panorama shows the view over the Grand Canyon from Grandview Point. The sun is low above the horizon to the west, and would soon touch the top of the Grand Canyon's South Rim. Deep shadows are spreading across the canyon floor, beginning to hide some of the features. This picture was taken a very short distance down the Grandview Trail, just below the main viewing area. The trail was still covered in snow and ice, quite steep and slow going. Grandview Point gives a good view down the eastern section of the Grand Canyon, all the way to Cape Solitude and Chuar Butte.


Grandview Point - Grand Canyon visitor guide showing a virtual tour of 'Grandview Point' linked to an interactive map with local and travel information. 360° panoramas from Arizona.

Grandview Point is on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, between Yaki Point to the west, and Moran Point to the east. It is the starting point for the Grandview Trail which descends into the canyon to Campground Horseshoe Messa.

The following Grand Canyon landmarks can be seen in this panorama using the direction indicator at the bottom right of the image:

  • Shoshone Point (309°) on the edge of the South Rim.
  • Zoroaster Temple, Zoroaster Canyon and Brahma Temp (between 338° and 341°) on the northern side of the Colorado River.
  • Horseshoe Mesa (350°), at a height of 1597m.
  • Obi Point, due north on the North Rim.
  • Wotans Throne (2327m) and Freya Castle (2225m) between (between 25° and 30°), again jutting out from the North Rim.
  • Far off to the west between 70° and 75° are Chuar Butte and Cape Solitude, too far away to be clearly seen in this picture, but Cape Solitude is the furthermost point visible on the South Rim at the end of the Palisade of the Desert cliffs.


Grandview Point is about 20 miles from Grand Canyon Village on the Desert View Drive (also called East Rim Drive).

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