Photo By Peter Watts
Desert View near Sunset

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Desert View near Sunset - PHOTOGRAPHER COMMENT

This panorama was taken from below the Desert View viewpoint at the Grand Canyon. The images were taken just before sunset, which meant that a lot of the Grand Canyon to the west is obscured by the setting sun. At the top of the hill is the famous lookout tower of Desert View. This picture was taken in spring, there is still snow at the top of the canyon and on the canyon walls. This is the only viewpoint on the South Rim from which you can see the Colorado River at the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

Desert View near Sunset - FURTHER INFORMATION

Desert View near Sunset - Grand Canyon visitor guide showing a virtual tour of 'Desert View near Sunset' linked to an interactive map with local and travel information. 360° panoramas from Arizona.

Desert Point is the easternmost viewpoint of Desert View Drive, the scenic route along the South Rim of the Grand Canyon in Arizona. Desert View is 2267m above sea level. There is a park station here as well as a camp site, picnic area, restaurant and gas station. Many people come to Desert View to watch the sunset and take pictures of the changing light conditions. While the rocks to the east turn deeper colours, to the west the ridges and peaks form lines of shaded forms against the sun. The next major viewpoint west of here is Lipan Point.

The following landmarks within the Grand Canyon can be seen in this panoramic image using the direction counter found at the bottom right of the picture:

  • Desert View Tower (190°) at the top of the cliff.
  • Cardenas Butte (276°), at 1911m within the canyon.
  • Wotans Throne (290°, 2327m) and Cape Royal (300°, 2398m) on the North Rim in the far distance. Just silhouettes in this image.
  • Cape Final (337°, 2413m) also on the North Rim. Just below this are Venus Temple and Apollo Temple (340°).
  • Colorado River (2°), a silverish line winding it's way along the base of the Grand Canyon to the north. It curves east round Cape Solitude.
  • Palisades of the Desert form the wall of the Grand Canyon to the east.


Desert View is near the eastern entrance to the Grand Canyon National Park, about 25 miles from Grand Canyon Village.

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