Photo By Peter Watts
Descent from Skeleton Point

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Descent from Skeleton Point - PHOTOGRAPHER COMMENT

At Skeleton Point on the South Kaibab Trail the trail descends quickly again round a bluff on the next steep descent. This panorama was taken at the top of this descent. The picture gives a view of where the path has come from. It heads off to the left zig-zagging down and then winds round the right of the large formation to the north. You can see a couple of hikers tramping on down, heading for Phantom Ranch for the night. Suddenly here the Grand Canyon closes in around you, and you really know you are within it. Yes, stepping off the path at this point will kill you.

Descent from Skeleton Point - FURTHER INFORMATION

Descent from Skeleton Point - Grand Canyon visitor guide showing a virtual tour of 'Descent from Skeleton Point' linked to an interactive map with local and travel information. 360° panoramas from Arizona.

The South Kaibab Trail descends into the Grand Canyon from the South Rim near to Yaki Point. After passing the Staging Post on Cedar Ridge, the trail continues down past the east side of O'Neill Butte and along a plateau to Skeleton Point. The walk down from the staging post to Skeleton Point is mostly along a shallow gradient. At Skeleton Point the path again takes a very steep route for the next section.

Use the degree direction indicator at the bottom right of the image to find the following landmarks:

  • To the right of the walkers is Shiva Temple (310°, 2308m), the same height, but separate from, the North Rim.
  • Part of the Colorado River visible at the bottom of the Grand Canyon (322°).


The South Kaibab Trail is accessed from the trail head on the southern rim. Either take a free shuttle bus from the Grand Canyon Village, or park at the end of the trailhead road and walk in (about half a mile)

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