Photo By Peter Watts
Central Park


A panorama taken from the North Fields of Central Park in New York. There are rounded outcrops of rock in the park, and this picture was taken from the top of one of them. It overlooks some of the baseball pitches in this part of the park. The image was shot in early spring, and the trees have yet to come into full leaf. However, in other parts of the park the cherry blossom was out in force. Virtual tour taken in spring 2008.


Central Park - New York visitor guide showing a virtual tour of 'Central Park' linked to an interactive map with local and travel information. 360° panoramas from New York.

Central Park is by far the most famous park in New York. The vast park fills 51 blocks running north-south on Manhattan. The dimensions are impressive - covering 843 acres, 2.6 miles long and 0.5 miles wide. It is the most visited park in the US, with millions of visitors each year. Much of the park is open field, with areas set aside for sports like baseball.

Central Park is split into 4 main sections, each separated by a road running across the park with overpass walkways for pedestrians. The Central Park Zoo is in the southernmost section, while the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Delacorte Theatre are about half way up the park.

Central Park Monuments
There are numerous monuments within Central Park, most being found in the southern half of the park. Among these are Cleopatra's Needle, Bethesda Fountain, Statue of H. Ch. Anderson, the Maine Memorial, Fort Clinton and Blockhouse.

Central Park Lakes
Every section of Central Park has some water. Running north the main lakes and ponds of Central Park are The Pond, Conservatory Pond, The Lake, Turtle Pond, Jaqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir, The Pool, The Loch and Harlem Meer.

Surrounding the park are numerous museums, religious buildings and other places of interest. While the panoramas from the park and surrounding area are by no means comprehensive, they provide a good introduction to one of the most famous areas of New York. Below is a full list of the locations featured both within Central Park and of the immediate surrounding area.

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