Photo By Peter Watts
Welcome to Fremantle Port

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Welcome to Fremantle Port - PHOTOGRAPHER COMMENT

Fremantle Port has a really long harbour wall, which you can drive out onto, though not many people do. Right at the end is a lighthouse and a sign saying 'Welclome to Fremantle Port'. This panorama was taken standing on the end of the harbour wall, looking out to sea. Would be amazing to take a picture here under a stormy sky.

Welcome to Fremantle Port - FURTHER INFORMATION

Welcome to Fremantle Port - Perth visitor guide showing a virtual tour of 'Welcome to Fremantle Port' linked to an interactive map with local and travel information. 360° panoramas from Western Australia.

'Welcome to Fremantle Port - We value your safety please stay well clear of all shipping.'

This welcome sign at the end of the harbour wall welcomes all shipping to the port at Fremantle, and therefore also greets shipping heading up the Swan River to Perth. Fremantle Port is a busy industrial port handling container shipping. There is also an active Fishing Boat Harbour and marina moorings for leisure boats. Thousands of tourists pass this sign (though probably many do not notice) on ferries to Rottnest Island which depart regularly from the Fremantle-Rottnest ferry quay and also form Barrack St Jetty in the heart of Perth's CBD.

The harbour wall is a great place to watch the shipping entering and leaving the port. Locals sometimes come here to fish.


From East Fremantle, take the 5 north and turn onto Tydeman Road just on the norther side of the River Swan. Then take a left onto Port Beach Road and follow round the docks to the harbour wall.

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