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Port Stephens (Soldiers Point Beach)

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Port Stephens - Port Stephens visitor guide showing a virtual tour of 'Port Stephens' linked to an interactive map with local and travel information. 360° panoramas from New South Wales.

The Port Stephens lies just north of Newcastle in New South Wales. It is close to the Hunter Valley. The port and it's Southern point were named after Sir Philip Stephens who was Secretary of the Admiralty by Captain Cook in the 1700's.

Port Stephens never delveloped into a major port, as the surrounding land was too poor to be cultivated with much success. However, several small fishing ports developed slowly around the bay. Today, , being within easy striking distance of Sydney, the region has become a major holiday destination, well known for all sorts of water sports, deep sea fishing, whale watching and sandy beaches.

The most popular beaches are concentrated on the Tomaree Peninsula, which extends to cover the southern part of the bay. The peninsula includes the Tillgerry Nature Reserve and Tomaree National Park. The most famous beach is at Nelson Bay, and it is to here that the vast majority of the tourists flock. However the Tomaree Peninsula has many other beaches that are not so developed and worth exploring.

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Port Stephens and the Tomaree Peninsula are about 200km north of Sydney.

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