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Fingal Beach

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Taken in the afternoon, this panorama shows clouds gathering over Fingal Beach as a thunder storm approached the Tomaree Peninsula. The picture was taken from the southern end of the beach, near the boat launch.


Fingal Beach - Port Stephens visitor guide showing a virtual tour of 'Fingal Beach' linked to an interactive map with local and travel information. 360° panoramas from New South Wales.

Fingal Beach is a massive sandy beach that curves around Fingal Bay on the Tomaree Peninsual in Port Stephens. Fingal Bay is about 6km from Nelson Bay, and all access to other parts of the Tomaree Peninsula must pass back through Nelson Bay.

It is recognized as a good spot for surfing, with good swells during S/SE winds. At the southern end Fingal Beach has a 'Kiddies Corner' which is patrolled. Fingal Beach is also popular for walks, especially to Fingal Island off the northern end of the beach. This can only be accessed at low tides via Fingal Spit, which is covered at high tide. The walk takes about 30 minutes from the Fingal Beach Surf Club.

Sharks are known to nest in the region, and care must be taken when swimming in the waters.


Fingal Beach is about 200km north of Sydney. Take the 1 Pacific Highway to just north of Newcastle and then the 122 onto Tomaree Peninsula. Follow signs to Nelson Bay and then continue to Shoal Bay. Here turn onto Government Road and traverse the peninsula to Fingal Bay.

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