Photo By Peter Watts
Lake Pupuke

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This panorama was taken from a jetty overlooking Lake Pupuke near to the Old Pumphouse. There were some boys jumping off the jetty, the one in the air doing a back-flip from standing on the banister. It made for a much more interesting picture than just a lake.


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Lake Pupuke is just north of Takapuna and close to Takapuna Beach in Greater Auckland. It lies at the heart of North Shore, and is less than 200m from the sea on the eastern side.

Lake Pupuke is a massive fresh water lake formed by a water-filled volcano crater. It is about 4.5km in circumference and up to 57m deep in places. The Māori have a story of the creation of the lake involving an argument between a Tupua couple who were children of the fire gods. The Europeans used the lake as a reservoir for the surrounding area, which dramatically lowered the water levels and caused some pollution. The Old Pump House seen in this picture at the end of the jetty on the shore of Lake Pupuke was built in 1906 and pumped water until 1944. It is now a Category II protected building and houses a gallery and theatre. There is a cafe next to it.

Today, Lake Pupuke is a nature reserve and recreational lake. Various birds use the lake including shags. From the human standpoint the lake has numerous picnic areas, and is used by paddlers, rowers, yachtsman, divers and fishermen who fish for rainbow trout introduced to the lake regularly. There are no rivers feeding or leaving the lake, so these fish will never breed.


Ferry: From central Auckland to Davenport and then bus.
Bus: From Britomart Transport Centre

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