Photo By Peter Watts
Aotea Square

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This panorama was taken from Aotea Square next to Auckland's Town Hall. The square contains a fountain and has a Maori entrance arch. The famous Sky Tower can be seen rising above the cinema on the northern side of the square.


Aotea Square - Auckland visitor guide showing a virtual tour of 'Aotea Square' linked to an interactive map with local and travel information. 360° panoramas from Greater Auckland.

Aotea Square is right next to the Town Hall of Auckland. The Aotea Centre and Sky City Metro Centre also face onto the square. The square is close to the Sky Tower and Albert Park.

Aotea Square was opened in 1979 and is used for public concerts and events as well as political rallies. It has a weekend farmers market. The name comes from the Māori 'Motu Aotea', the Māori for Great Barrier Island. At the Queen Street entrance is an arch called 'Waharoa' (Gateway in Māori ), formed in wood and copper by Selwyn Muru, a Māori sculptor. The arch is just visible in this image, and has symbols both ancient and modern relevant to New Zealand. The bronze fountain in the middle of the square was designed by Terry Stringer in 1979, and the angular design reflects the design of the Aotea Centre itself.


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