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Tainui Memorial

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This panorama shows the Tainui Memorial on King Edward Parade in Devonport. The memorial commemorates the landing of the Tainui Canoe and has a sacred bird on top of an orb. While the memorial is the focal point of the panorama, the image shows the view down King Edward Parade and the suburban houses that line the street.


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The Tainui Memorial stands next to the Torpedo Bay on King Edward Parade in Devonport. It was erected here in 1959 by the Devonport council and as a plaque on the front explains:

  • This memorial commemorates the arrival in the Waitemata Harbour of the Tainui canoe under its commander Hoturoa ad which made its landfall near this site. Tainui was one of the seven canoes of the migration fleet of the Maori people circa 1350AD. The bird on the orb was presented to Devonport by King Koroki on behalf of the Maori people. It is a replica of the sacred bird image named Korotang - 'Weeping Dove' - which was brought on the canoe on it's journey from Hawaiki, the former homeland of the Maori.As the plaque indicates, the Maori first landed in the region in the mid 14C. There is some evidence of settlement on the slopes of North Shore and Mount Victoria. In the 1790's the last Maori peoples living here were killed by rival tribes and the settlements destroyed.


Ferry: From Ferry Building to Devonport
Bus: From Britomart Transport Centre with a change at Takapuna.
The Tainui Memorial is 15 minute walk east along King Edward Parade from the Ferry Terminal and Devonport Beach.

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