Photo By Peter Watts
Hikitia Floating Crane Ship

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Hikitia Floating Crane Ship - PHOTOGRAPHER COMMENT

This panorama was taken from the bridge level of the Hikitia, a floating museum crane ship moored on the water front of Central Wellington Harbour. To the right in this image is the harbour, and to the left is the Hikitia's bridge, behind which is the control center of the steam-powered crane. A modern cruise ship is just coming towards the shore, and the skyline of Wellington is visible on the shore behind the boat.

Hikitia Floating Crane Ship - FURTHER INFORMATION

Hikitia Floating Crane Ship - Wellington visitor guide showing a virtual tour of 'Hikitia Floating Crane Ship' linked to an interactive map with local and travel information. 360° panoramas from Wellington Region.

The Hikitia is thought to be the oldest floating crane ship in the world in working order. She is the oldest ship berthed in Wellington, tied up on at Taranaki Street Wharf. The ship was built in Glasgow in Scotland in 1926 and then took 84 days to sail to New Zealand, arriving on the 21 December. She then was put to work in construction, helping with the demolition of the Wahine among other projects.

Finally, she was purchased by two couples in 1990, Bob & Mary Box, John & Joy Ackrill, and lovingly restored. In July 1992 the Hikitia was approved to lift 80 tonnes after succeeding in an 88 tonne lift. Even more recently the Hikitia completed a successful 100 tonne lift. The Hikitia is now owned and maintained by the Maritime Heritage Trust of Wellington. The Hikitia is clearly visible on the satellite view of Wellington on the Google map.

Below are some details about the Hikitia:
* Weighs - 926 tonne
* Length - 51.82m [170 feet]
* Width - 15.95m [52.35 feet]
* Depth - 3.46m [11.35 feet]
* Height to Top of Crane - 35m [115feet]


Taranaki Street Wharf


Taranaki Street Wharf is next to the City to Sea Bridge, not far from the Te Papa museum and Chaffers Marina.

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