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Wistmans Wood

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Wistmans Wood on Dartmoor is a place I've visited many times. It is steeped in history and is protected by the national heritage association due to the trees that grow here.


Wistmans Wood - Dartmoor visitor guide showing a virtual tour of 'Wistmans Wood' linked to an interactive map with local and travel information. 360° panoramas from Devon.

Wistman's Wood is an ancient piece of woodland Dartmoor National Park woodland, and the oldest woodland in Devon. A plaque at the entrance states: 'Welcome to Wistman's Wood, a Reserve which has long been known for its stunted oak trees, festooned with mosses and lichens, growing amongst covered boulders'.

Wistman's Wood is enchantingly atmospheric, the eerie silhouettes of these stunted and gnarled oak trees have inspired legend and folklore - and no doubt, fired the imaginations of walkers and photographers who visit as much is written about how "other-worldly" it feels to stroll in this pre-historic forest.

The 170 acres of Wistman's Wood is heavily protected, managed by Natural England. Around 47 species of moss and 119 types of lichen have been recorded growing on the twisted branches of the trees and the boulders strewn across the ground. While efforts are being made to gather acorns for replanting this wood and extending its area, it is also hoped that under its current protection as an area of special scientific interest (SSSI), natural regeneration will encourage new growth and that this wood will, at least in part, be restored to its extensive former glory.


O.S. Map reference: SX 612 774

Walking directions: Reached by a footpath leading from Two Bridges, a village on the intersection of the B3357 and the B3212 roads. Tavistock town is to the west and a short distance south is Plymouth city on the A386 road.


Car: Wistman's Woods just off the B3212 which runs through Dartmoor, about 18 miles north of Plymouth and 26 miles west of Exeter.

Peter Watts - 14 Jan, 2009 14:41
What a great panorama! Love the moss and lichen covered trees and rocks in the picture. A really magical feel to it.

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