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Devin Castle

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This panorama shows the ruins of Devin Castle, near to Bratislava. This makes for a good half-day trip from the city to explore some of the surrounding area. There are amazing panoramic views over the surrounding countryside from the top of Devin Castle, which shows why it was built here in the first place.


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Devin Castle (hrad Devín / Devínsky hrad) is a ruined castle a little to the west of Bratislava. The castle is built on a 212m high rocky hill at the confluence of the Danube and Morava rivers. There have been defensive fortifications in the area for thousands of years, with the oldest settlement in the area dating back to 5000BC. It was an important fort in Roman times and an important fort during the Greater Moravian Empire. The first written references to a castle on the hill here date from 864. After the fall of the Grater Moravian Empire, Devin Castle served as a defensive boundary castle for Hungary in the 1300's.

A palace was later added to the castle, and it was reinforced during wars with the Ottoman Empire. Thereafter Devin Castle was no longer used as a military fort, but this did not prevent Napoleon from blowing it up as his forces retreated after the failed Siege of Bratislava in 1809.

Today, Devin Castle is a national monument and serves also as a museum. The middle-castle is used for displays and there is also an underground museum in some of the buried rooms that show the history of Devin Castle and some of the artifacts buried there. Archeological works are ongoing at the site. According to the daily Sme, in the last five years archeologists uncovered the remains of a Roman tower from 1st century AD, fragments of ceramics and a prehistoric settlement. Visitors must pay an entrance fee, and the castle is open between April and October.

Other panoramas from Devin Castle include:


Devin Castle
Muránska ul., Bratislava - Devín


Devin Castle is 13km west of Bratislava.
Bus: from Novy most bus terminal (29 direct to Devin Castle, or 28 to Devin and then walk).
Boat: 2 boats a day depart from Fajnorovo nabrezie 2 - Fajnorovo Embankment
Walking and Cycling are also popular ways to visit the castle.

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