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Morava and Danube Rivers

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Morava and Danube Rivers - PHOTOGRAPHER COMMENT

This panorama was taken at the base of the mount on which Devin Castle sits. Here the Morava river meets the Danube, surrounding this part of the castle mount with water forming a natural defense. In addition, the sides of the hill here form sheer cliffs, making attack from this point even more difficult.

Morava and Danube Rivers - FURTHER INFORMATION

Morava and Danube Rivers - Bratislava visitor guide showing a virtual tour of 'Morava and Danube Rivers' linked to an interactive map with local and travel information. 360° panoramas from Bratislava kraj.

At the confluence of the Morova and Danube rivers are sharp cliffs forming the wester side of the hill on which Devin Castle (hrad Devín / Devínsky hrad) sits, about 13km west of Bratislava. The Morova River starts on the Králický Sněžník mountain in the northwest of Moravia, near the border between the Czech Republic and Poland. The lower part of the river froms the border between Czech Republic and Slovakia, and then between Slovakia and Austriabefore entering the River Danube.

Devin castle is now a ruin and contains a museum. It makes an ideal half-day trip from Bratislava and offers amazing panoramic views of the surrounding countryside including views over the River Danube, up the Morova River and over Devin village. From the top of Devin Castle it is possible to see all the way into both Austria and, on a good day, Hungary.

For more history about Devin Castle, please see the main Devin Castle Panorama.


Devin Castle is 13km west of Bratislava.
Bus: from Novy most bus terminal (29 direct to Devin Castle, or 28 to Devin and then walk).
Boat: 2 boats a day depart from Fajnorovo nabrezie 2 - Fajnorovo Embankment
Walking and Cycling are also popular ways to visit the castle.

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