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Echuca High Street

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Streetscape in Echuca with Beechworth Bakery


Echuca High Street - Echuca visitor guide showing a virtual tour of 'Echuca High Street' linked to an interactive map with local and travel information. 360° panoramas from Victoria.

Echuca High Street runs parallel to the historic port by the great Murray River and features numerous restaurants, cafes and shops to cater for the large number of tourists visiting the area. Many visitors come to step back in time and explore what life was like when the Paddle Steamers held command of the Murray River and singularly supplied and sustained all the emerging communities in this new discovered land.

The map shows the locations where panoramic pictures were taken of some of Echuca's sights. The map, photographs, and information form a guide to some of the attractions of Echuca.

Recent Local Panoramas

Uniting Church
Uniting Church / Echuca
Anglican Church
Anglican Church / Echuca
St Mary's Catholic Church Interior
St Mary's Catholic Church Interior / Echuca
St Mary's Catholic Church
St Mary's Catholic Church / Echuca
Rochester Shamrock
Rochester Shamrock / Rochester
Historic Port at Echuca
Historic Port at Echuca / Echuca
Paddle Steamers on Murray River
Paddle Steamers on Murray River / Echuca

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