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Stephansdom Pulpit

Stephansdom Pulpit - FURTHER INFORMATION

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The Pulpit in the Nave of Stephandom dates from 1514-15. It is thought that it was made by Anton Pilgram, who included his relief portrait of himself peering from a window beneath the pulpit stairs. It is a late Gothic structure whose sides are carved to resemble petals erupting from the supporting stem.

On the sides of the pulpit are carvings of four Early Church Fathers, Augustine of Hippo, Ambrose, Gregory the Great and Jerome. The filigree work above and below the staircase shows salamanders and toads pursuing one another up the banister towards the barking dogs at the top keeping them at bay. This is a representation of the conflict between good and evil.

It is now debated whether Pilgram was the creator of the Pulpit. The self portrait of the artist below the stairs is known as the Fenstergucker form the German words "fenster" (window) and "gucken" (to gawk or peer).

The other panoramic images taken from inside Stephansdom show some further detail of the High Altar, the Nave and Choir Stalls, and the Wiener Neustädter Altar.

Stephansplatz 3
1010 Vienna

U-Bhan: Stephansplatz (U1, U3)
Bus / Tram: 1A, 2A, 3A


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