Square by Moldtelecom HQ

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Square by Moldtelecom HQ - PHOTOGRAPHER COMMENT

MOLDTELECOM, Municipal Palace of culture, Office Building (in the past, it was the Office of the Communist Party).

Square by Moldtelecom HQ - FURTHER INFORMATION

Square by Moldtelecom HQ - Beltsy visitor guide showing a virtual tour of 'Square by Moldtelecom HQ' linked to an interactive map with local and travel information. 360° panoramas from Beltsy.

Panorama of a cultivated garden, an urban park in the heart of Beltsy in Moldova. This panorama was taken in the Square in front of the headquarters (HQ) offices of Moldtelecom. They are one of the principle operators and suppliers of telecommunications and internet services in Moldova and were founded as a company in 1993.

Tall evergreen spruce trees and established pine trees surround this pretty square. Flower beds are planted with bright red roses and colourful displays which make it a pleasant place to be as you walk along the paths across the square.

The tall office building was once the headquarters of the Communist Party. At the time of this panorama, it was being used as offices for commercial business.

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