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On the hilly, rolling landscape of the steppe lies the Moldova's second city, Beltsy. Also known as "Bălţi", or "the northern capital", its name derives from the wetlands around the city, a word meaning "pools of water" named for the land where a waterfall met the river beneath. Beltsy has several lakes within the city which make restful places to visit.

After the capital city, Chişinău, Beltsy is the most populous and wealthy city. Beltsy is a major center for industry, manufacturing and food-processing and it is also the transportation hub for the northern regions of the country. Around 127 km north of Chişinău on the banks of the river Răut, Beltsy enjoys a hilltop setting overlooking a valley floored with fertile land ideal for farming and grazing. Attractions around Beltsy include many Theaters, Art Galleries and Churches. Especially of note are the Saint Constantine and Elena Orthodox Cathedral and the Bishopric Palace and park.

Getting around in Beltsy is easy with the trolleybus service. Like trams, they run throughout the city and there are plans to extend this service. With excellent public services, taxis and easy access to major road and rail connections, Beltsy is very accessible for the visitor.


By road: 127 km north of Chişinău on the M14 highway.

By rail: connects to Ocniţa in the north, Rezina to the east, Ungheni to the south-east. Also connections to Chişinău take around six hours.

By air: Bălţi-Leadoveni International Airport is 15km north of the city center, near Corlăteni (Leadoveni). For regional journeys and small aircraft, Bălţi-City Airport is nearby.

Recent Local Panoramas

проба / Beltsy
Independence Square Crossroads
Independence Square Crossroads / Beltsy
Independence Square
Independence Square / Beltsy
Nicolae Iorga Street
Nicolae Iorga Street / Beltsy
Dacia District
Dacia District / Beltsy
City Lake
City Lake / Beltsy
Vasile Alecsandri Square
Vasile Alecsandri Square / Beltsy
Vasile Alecsandri Square in Summer
Vasile Alecsandri Square in Summer / Beltsy

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