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Aarberg Old Town

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Christmas is coming soon in Aarberg


Aarberg Old Town - Aarberg visitor guide showing a virtual tour of 'Aarberg Old Town' linked to an interactive map with local and travel information. 360° panoramas from Bern.

Christmas time night lights adorn the old town square, decorating the elegant buildings and illuminating the pretty trees in Aarberg old town in Switzerland.

This old town plaza was originally the heart of a village on a small island situated in the river Aar. As the village grew into a city by expanding along the edges of the island, new quarters were added and Aarberg grew to engulf the villages of Spins, Mühletal and Grafenmoos. Founded as a small but important river crossing, the original village dates back over one thousand years and was little more than a respite home for pilgrims with a small hospital next to the bridge. Aarberg city was founded around 1220 AD when a local Count, Ulrich III of Neuchâte, acquired rulership over this region and settled here to control bridge crossings.

Over the next few centuries, Aarberg grew rapidly into a major market town as communications and trading routes grew along the old Roman roads which traversed this area another thousand years earlier still. Aarberg was besieged a number of times in attempts to gain influence and control over this town due to its pivotal location of strategic importance on one of very few routes through these perilous mountains. In the 19th century, business and industry shifted focus to residences, farming and tourism.

Attractions include the heritage site original bridge and Schloss Aarberg - the Aarberg castle built in 1220, and the Gothic Church dating back to 1526 with it's tall bell tower and impressive pulpit and church organ.


20Km north-west of Bern along the river Aar. From Bern take Autobahn 1 west to Kerzers, then Highway 22 north to Aarberg.

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