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Isle of Lewis (Callanish Standing Stones)

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Isle of Lewis - Isle of Lewis visitor guide showing a virtual tour of 'Isle of Lewis' linked to an interactive map with local and travel information. 360° panoramas from Western Isles.

This interactive map and guide to the Western Isles in north west Scotland shows some of the towns, villages, sights and attractions of the region in a unique way. For each location there is a 360° panorama linked to a Google map of the Western Isles. Accompanying each panorama is some local and travel information. More information about the Isle of Lewis will be added shortly.

The pictures are taken by local and visiting photographers and provide a unique, personal insight to the hidden delights of the Western Isles. The number of pictures will continue to grow as more people add images to the collection.

To begin to explore, simply select a pin on the Google map of the Western Isles to discover the locations of panoramic photographs taken on each island. If you have any 360° panoramas of your own that you wish to share with the world, then feel free to add them to Panoramic Earth.

Recent Local Panoramas

Uig from Ferry Pier
Uig from Ferry Pier / Skye
Staffin Beach - Headland
Staffin Beach - Headland / Skye
Sgeir Bhan near Staffin
Sgeir Bhan near Staffin / Skye
View from Quiriang Pass
View from Quiriang Pass / Skye
Staffin Beach
Staffin Beach / Skye
Staffin Jetty
Staffin Jetty / Skye
Staffin / Skye
Quiraing / Skye

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